Thursday 13 December 2012

News: Pagan Census Results and Witches Exhibition

Pagans Recognised in UK Census
The results are in after the PaganDash campaign to get pagans of different paths counted more accurately in the UK Census. Here is a summary of relevant numbers from the 2011 Census, which is just out:

Other religion: Animism 541
Other religion: Occult 502
Other religion: Druid 4,189
Other religion: Heathen 1,958
Other religion: Pagan 56,620
Other religion: Pantheism 2,216
Other religion: Reconstructionist 251
Other religion: Shamanism 650
Other religion: Thelemite 184
Other religion: Wicca 11,766
Other religion: Witchcraft 1,276
Total: 80,153

You can access the 2011 Census results here, and you can read The Stroppy Rabbit's blog post about it here:

Pictures of Witches and Witchcraft To Go On Show in Scotland
An art exhibition called Witches and Wicked Bodies is coming to the National Galleries of Scotland in July 2013. It aims to show how witches and witchcraft have been depicted by artists during the past 500 years, and will have works by Albrecht Dürer, Francisco de Goya and William Blake as well as pieces by 20th century artists including Paula Rego and Kiki Smith.

You can read a news story about it on the Herald Scotland website, or read about it on the National Galleries Scotland website here:

The picture shows William Blakes' The Whore of Babylon, 1809, Pen and black ink and water colours, 266 x 223 mm, © The Trustees of the British Museum. It is being used on publicity material for Witches and Wicked Bodies

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Antony said...

Wow that's really interesting. Thanks for sharing the Census results! I put pagan on mine but didn't think quite as many people would do. I bet there's still loads more than that.

A x