Sunday 23 December 2012

The Spider's Bride - A Great Ebook For A Winter Read

If you are looking for an ideal story to read over Yuletide holidays that you can quickly download as an ebook, I would thoroughly recommend The Spider's Brideby Debbie Gallagher.

As I said in my review of the paperback version when that came out a couple of years ago: "The Spider’s Bride is a midwinter tale of treachery, cruelty and sacrifice. When a woman picks up a severed finger that has been left on her doorstep, she has no idea that it is a fairy gift, which binds her to the Prince of Spiders as Bride and blood offering to the land. The story follows the machinations of the unseelie court as its courtiers vie for power, with the Bride a helpless pawn until she can learn enough of fairy magic and politics to make her own destiny."

Richard Dadd – fairy artist, madman and patricide – is one of the protagonists of the tale as well as being a genuine historical person. In The Spider's Bride he is another human servant in the unseelie court, prized for his artistic genius and his iron axe, whose fate is intertwined with that of the Bride. I won’t tell you if this story has a happy ending or otherwise. You need to read it for yourself

The ebook version of The Spider's Bride has only just been released through Kemsing Publishing - with a much prettier cover image than the original dead tree book in my opinion. I don't normally review fiction on my blog, but this book seemed worthy to be an exception. You can buy it here: The Spider's Bride

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