Sunday 6 January 2013

Twelfth Night Tree and the First Signs of Spring

It is Twelfth Night and by the end of the day all our Yuletide decorations should be put away. Superstition says that leaving them up any longer is risking bad luck.

I passed this tree in a suburban street near where I live earlier today, still decorated in festive baubles but already starting to blossom with little pink flowers - the first signs of spring!

It does seem remarkably early for trees to be blossoming and I am sure there could still be frost and maybe snow that will kill these early blooms.

Nevertheless, it made an interesting photo or two.

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η silveriana said...

Oh! It is an almond tree from what I can see; the first of all trees to blossom (in mid-Jenuary or February).

Almond trees already blossoming in your area? You must have had quite a pleasant weather in the past days! Blossoming in the first week of January is not very common, even in South-Eastern Europe, but hopefully, the blossoms will last through the next temperature drop;
This kind of tree is quite a fighter!

"The best almond-tree: blossoms in January and holds its' grain until July's thresh"
(greek proverb)