Monday 7 January 2013

Pagan Eye: Koala in a Tree

This adorable photo of a koala in a tree was sent to me by Rupert Hewison, who lives in Australia.

When I replied: "That is so cute!"

Rupert said: "Koalas are only cute when they are a long way up a tree doped out on gum leaves. Up close they are noisy and aggressive with very powerful and sharp claws. They can also be a bit on the nose. Sorry if this spoils the cute illusion but hopefully one day you will meet one and it's best to be prepared. ;-)"

I certainly hope I do meet a koala one day, and I'll take the warning as good advice not to try to hug it!

Rupert also took this video of  the koala and posted it on YouTube:

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vivienne said...

sad to think that many koalas [and other animals] will have perished or been badly burnt in the awful bush fires happening in Australia now :(( xx