Tuesday 19 March 2013

New Online Resource Lets You Explore Forest Life

Living in a forest means waking up to dappled sunlight, bird song and the beautiful smell of trees all around you. Even if it is raining, you are are safely sheltered under a canopy of green, while the sound of water droplets falling on leaves is like music. At least that was how it seemed to me the last time I camped in a forest.

That was many years ago, at an eco-protest camp to save Lyminge Forest, in Kent. But you can, of course, enjoy a forest - and even stay in one - without being an eco-protestor.

To help people find out more about what it is like to stay in a forest, a company called Forest Holidays has just launched an  online resource called Forestipedia that explores all aspects of forest life. It offers information about forests in the UK, including detailed descriptions of each one, written by Forest Rangers.

Forestipedia includes in-depth information on the trees and woodland, flora and fauna, birds and bugs, beetles and various creepy crawlies that make life in the forest so rich and diverse. There is also a series of lifestyle sections written by experienced journalists and authors, including award-winning travel writer Norman Miller, who has contributed a section looking at the rise in popularity of foraging for food. There is also a beginners’ guide to stargazing and a guide to winter in the forest.

Jill Grinsted, sales and marketing director at Forest Holidays, said: “We have plenty of new content ideas for 2013 onwards. We’re also keen to hear from lovers of the forest to understand what they would like to see on Forestipedia in the future. The whole purpose of Forestipedia is to be a genuinely useful and engaging resource which offers an insight into life in the forest.”

Forest Holidays has seven cabin sites across the country, set exclusively within Forestry Commission estates in beautiful woodland and lochside locations from Scotland to Cornwall via North Yorkshire and the heart of England. I must admit I am very tempted to try one out. I expect they would be a lot more comfortable and relaxing than staying in a protest camp.

You can visit Forestipedia here: http://www.forestholidays.co.uk/forestipedia/

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Alan C-B said...

As well as this great resource, I can heartily recommend the holiday.
Our local one is deep in the pine forest of Sherwood and is a lovely place.
As a difference from other "outdoor recreation parks", they are dog friendly and, when they asked us if they could stock our dog treats (and supply welcome packs), we found we liked their business ethos so agreed.

petoskystone said...

Great link. Thanks :)