Wednesday 22 May 2013

Event: London Pagan Pride Parade on Sunday 2 June

This year's London Pagan Pride Parade is taking place on Sunday, 2 June, starting at noon in Red Lion Square, Holborn.

Pagan Pride Parade is a free street-based public event for pagans and their friends to meet and celebrate paganism. You can turn up wear pagan robes or fancy costumes if you want, or you can just as you are. Bring drums or banners if you want to. Bring a picnic to enjoy afterwards. Spread the word and share this message with all your friends - this is a free event and the more people who turn up the merrier!

For the third year running this is being organised by Atlantis Bookshop. Meet at noon outside the entrance of Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, Holborn. From there the procession will take to the streets. It normally ends at Russell Square Park. For further information, call Atlantis Bookshop on 0207 405 2120.  The map at the top shows Red Lion Square.

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