Wednesday 22 May 2013

Sacred Landscape: St Nectan's Glen and Waterfall

One of the places I meant to visit when I was on holiday in Cornwall last summer was St Nectan's Glen.

I was told it was a beautiful and magical place - the kind of area of natural beauty where you might just glimpse a Piskie frolicking in the ferns. It takes its name from a 6th century Christian saint who lived in a hermitage at the site and gained fame for ringing a bell in stormy weather to warn ships about dangerous rocks nearby. However, the glen and waterfall could well have been considered a sacred place back in ancient pagan times.

The current owner bought St Nectan's Glen waterfall and hermitage in 2012, said at the time that he wanted the site to be "a place of inward reflection and self-realisation for everyone to enjoy".

Sadly I didn't get  to visit St Nectan's Glen during the week of my holiday, but I have now been sent these lovely photos taken by Denise Hockin, who visited at Easter.

She said: "St Nectan's Glen is between Tintagel and Boscastle and is a spiritual place for nature lovers and pagans. Legend has it that the early Christian, Saint Nectan, lived and was murdered there, though there seem to be many versions of that story. But whatever you believe, there is no question that the walk from the road through the Glen is beautiful, as is the waterfall itself. People have tied literally hundreds of ribbons to the trees surrounding the pool, which to some people makes it seem magical, though some feel they detract from the natural beauty of the waterfall. Hope you and others find them [the pictures] interesting."

Thanks very much indeed Denise. I think the photos are beautiful and they have made me want to go back to Cornwall again and visit St Nectan's.

The photos are copyright Denise Hockin.

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