Thursday 18 July 2013

Plans for Sacred Space with Stone Circle near Reading

Here is a posting from George Knowles (Man in Black) about his plans to create a wonderful new sacred space in the countryside.

Notice to all Pagans, Witches, Wiccans, Druids, Shamans and others who value our intrinsic connection with nature. I have some great news, but for those who do not know me personally, a little history. For several years now I have been living on a privately owned nine hole golf course called the Wessex Downs Golf Course. Situated on the side of a hill in the beautiful countryside near Beenham, Reading, in Berkshire, this parkland area is surrounded with forested trees of all descriptions and offers fantastic views overlooking the Kennet and Avon valley.

You can see a photo [above] of part of the site as it is currently. You can also see pictures on my website at: although these pics do not do justice to the quiet beauty, peace and serenity that one feels here which needs to be experienced physically to be appreciated. However, there is one place here in particular that I consider to be "Sacred Space". It is a naturally formed semi-enclosed grove (just off the main golf course, so it won't interfere with others) where the energy of the elements can be felt and visualised and where the wind speaks as it rustles through the nearby trees.

I am happy to report that the family landowners (my landlord, close friends and neighbours for the past decade) have now agreed and given permission for me to develop it as a "Pagan Place/Sacred Space". We have some genuine old York Stone slabs and will be using these to create a outer-stone circle within the grove, with a smaller inner circle to contain a sacred fire.

Naturally it will be nothing on the scale of Avebury or Stonehenge, but I hope it will become Reading's main place of Pagan retreat and pilgrimage. I also have hopes it will become used as a place for people's personal connection with nature and the elements, and as we develop, a place for regular coven practise and ritual. 

Later perhaps it may also become a venue for an annual Reading Pagan Fest. Facilities on site at the moment are pretty non-existent (again under development), but we have ample room for overnight campers and touring vans etc, if anyone cares to visit.

I have a couple of days off from my mundane work next week during which the Circle of Stones will be planted. We are open to golfers for just five pounds-a-round, and similar costs will apply to overnight campers. There will be no charge to just visit the Stones

What say you guys? Will you visit and support us (the address post code is: RG7 5QH) ask for me, George, or enquire about our "Sacred Space" to be admitted :-)

Merry we part.

George Knowles (Man in Black).

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George Knowles said...

Hail Ho Lucya

Merry we meet.

Excellent, thanks for posting. Work has started with a little remedial landscaping needed to fill in a large ditch inside the grove which was overgrow with brambles, I shall keep you inform as to when the "Stones" get erected :-)

Merry we part.

George Knowles (Man in Black).