Thursday 29 August 2013

Review: My Angel Diary 2014 by Jenny Smedley

I don't normally need my next year's diary as early as August, but not-to-be-missed events for 2014 already being advertised - including the Day for Patricia Crowther in April and The Magical Faerie Festival in May. So I bucked the trend and got one to mark these important dates in.

Each year I like to get a different diary. In the past I've had the Astro Diary and the Earth Pathways Diary - now I've gone for the My Angel Diary 2014.

My Angel Diary is published by Hay House and has mini-features about angels in it written by Jenny Smedley, who is the author of An Angel by Your Side - Finding an angel in your hour of need. The features cover things like why to believe in angels, stories about how angels have helped people in times of trouble and a guided visualisation to meet an angel bearing gifts. It is all very heart-warming, pretty and girly with text printed in purple and a sparkly gold cover. Sometimes one needs to let one's inner child do the shopping. As the diary says, the easiest way to see angels can be through the eyes of one's inner child.

On a more practical level, the small book is a really convenient size to fit in a handbag - more compact than The Earth Pathways, for example. It has plenty of space under the dates write appointments and, as well as angel lessons and words of wisdom, shows the moon phases and pagan Wheel of the Year festivals.

Publisher Hay House says: "With guidance on the many ways that you can develop a stronger connection to the world around you and communicate with your angels, this inspirational companion will help you realise the strong presence that angels can have in your life, and allow you to work with them in 2014 for a brighter future. Each of the 12 months concentrates on a different planetary body in our solar system, giving the reader a focus, based on the characteristics of each planet. There are also angel-inspired words, messages and symbols, and amazing true angel stories."

The My Angel Diary 2014 is also a very reasonable price. It has an RRP of £7.99, but can be picked up even cheaper by shopping around.

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