Saturday 17 August 2013

TV: Reminder - Very British Witchcraft on TV Tonight

Here's a reminder that the Channel 4 documentary A Very British Witchcraft, on the life of Gerald Gardner and witchcraft in the UK, is going to be shown tonight, Saturday 17 August, at 9pm on More4. It was originally called Britain's Wicca Man, but has been given a new name, which I think is better.

You can find out a bit more about it here:

If you miss it, there is a good chance you will be able to see it alter on 4oD if you are in the UK. For those outside the UK, you are likely to find it is blocked to non-UK IP addresses, but I've been told that if you use the Firefox browser you can install a plugin called Foxy Proxy:

Apparently you can select a UK proxy from this proxy list:

I have no idea if that works, however, and it does look a bit complicated unless you know stuff about tech.

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Anonymous said...

It wasn't bad but didn't cover much ground at all. Would have been better as a series. I was amused by the sight of Ronald Hutton pretending that he knew nothing about Witchcraft, although I'm a fan of his work.

I'm mystified by why they held this back until now.

Badwitch said...

I agree. I thought it was accurate - as you would expect with Ronald Hutton and the other people on the documentary - but could have been more in-depth. I'm also mystified as to why they held it back.

Unknown said...

Saw this last night , Bad, and thought of you! Were you one of the Witches dancing in the Woods near the end?

Badwitch said...

No, I wasn't in the documentary at all, although I know a few of the people who were.

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