Sunday 27 October 2013

Back to Magic School: The Shamanic Inheritance

Starting in November, a six-week evening class course called The Shamanic Inheritance; The Healing Inheritance is being offered by pagan teacher Ken Rees at the Mary Ward Centre in London

The course looks at both traditional and revived forms of shamanism in order to assess their contribution to both the individual and to society. It covers:
  • The shaman as a `technician of the sacred’ and a mediator between the worlds of the holy and the profane, underworld and otherworld.
  • The shamanic healing traditions of Siberia, Latin-America, Africa, Europe – Shamanic recruitment and the initiatory process.
  • Shamanic methods towards other realities – drum, trance, dance, plants, vigil and the spiritual quest.
  • Shamanism reborn – psychotherapy and the healing arts, the medicine wheel teachings of the Plains Indian. The neo-shamanism of the shires and the urban shamanism of the city.
  • Contemporary commentators – Mircea Eliade, Carlos Castaneda, Michael Harner, Joan Halifax
Tutor Ken Rees offers  DVDs, class handouts, discussion, and short exposition to go along with the lectures. Anthropology and psychology are used to analyse and appraise the value of the shamanic perspective for personal development today

The classes are on Tuesdays from 8pm to 10pm. The first is on 5 November and they run weekly until  10 December. The Mary Ward Centre is at Queen Square, London WC1.

Fees: £48.00 Cons. £18.00 Course No: 438
Enquiries: 020 8671 6372 or e-mail:
Enrolment: 020 7269 6000 or

The photo shows a shaman's drum that I photographed at an exhibition in Norway.

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