Thursday 31 October 2013

Halloween News: Witches, the Occult, Books and Fun

"Halloween Google doodle lets you become a witch and create witch's brew": Read a report on this fun free game from Google on the Mirror website.

"From wicked witch to Wicca witch: A Romford Pagan explains his religion this Halloween": The Romford Recorder interviews Luthaneal Adams, author of The Book of Mirrors.

"Halloween witch: is travel sickness drug behind myth of the flying broomstick?": Find out on The Guardian website.

"Spellbound: why witchcraft is enchanting a new generation of teenage girls": Another story from The Guardian.

"A look back at Dennis Wheatley's black magic novels": Article about classic occult horror fiction at Den of Geek.

"When C.E.O.s Embrace the Occult": New York Times opinion piece.

"Witch Bones": A Halloween recipe from the Gloucester Times.

And not exactly news, but here is a link to a wonderful Halloween animation: Samhain Song by Celestial Elf

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