Saturday 26 October 2013

Shopping: My New Little Wooden Altar

Here's a photo of the small wooden altar that I bought at the Mind Body Soul Experience in London on Friday. I bought it at a stall selling witchy stuff, run by witch and spiritualist medium Christine Francis. She told me that it was the only one she had for sale and was a handmade original carved from ash wood. I just loved it and had to buy it.

I think it will be perfect for outdoor rituals. In the past I've used an upturned crate covered in a cloth when I've done Wiccan seasonal rites outdoors, but this will be much better. It is quite small - about the size of a footstool - but would have room to put a votive candle, athame or wand, chalice and small plate of biccies on. It was also light enough to carry easily (I took it home on the train from Olympia with no difficulty).

Although I don't think you'll be able to get one just like it, Christine does know the woodworker who made it, and you can contact her on - or visit her stall at the Mind Body Soul event if you go there this weekend.

I also noticed a slightly similar altar table on Amazon, although it looks much smaller - probably about half the size of mine. It can be ordered by clicking on the picture to the right or via this link: Wooden Pentagram Altar Table

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