Friday 25 October 2013

A Great Day at the Mind Body Soul Event at Olympia

I've just got back from the London Mind Body Soul event, which is a three-day exhibition of all things related to complementary health, spiritual awareness and personal development. It is running alongside the OM Yoga show, and both are at Olympia, in London.

If you get a ticket to one, you get free entry to the other. In fact, it really was rather like one big event, just with more yoga-related stuff on the lower floor and more spiritual stuff on the upper floor.

I've been to the Mind Body Soul event for the past couple of years and I must say it gets better and better. My day was packed with exciting stuff from the moment I arrived. I started by going to a workshop called The Mystical Sounds of Amazonian Shamanism, run by Mimi Buttacavoli who demonstrated the icaros sung in healing ceremonies by tree shamans. You can see Mimi in the picture at the top, along with a range of tree essences that she also sells. You can find out more on the website:

One of the things I was determined to make the most of, was the chance to walk a labyrinth. The Rev Lizzie Hopthrow was leading guided groups into a labyrinth and explaining their history and the way they can be used for walking meditations. You can find out more - and even buy your own portable cloth labyrinth like the one at the show (pictured below) - via

After that, I enjoyed a guided visualisation, watched a psychic medium, had a reading done, sampled several healthy snacks that were being handed out, browsed the products and therapies on offer at various stalls and bought a small wooden altar that I think will be perfect for outdoor rituals.

Just as I felt I could do with a sit-down, I passed the Oracle Television stand at the perfect time - a bottle of bubbly was being opened. I enjoyed a refreshing glass of wine and had a chat with Carrie Kirkpatrick - who also runs Goddess Enchantments - about her new TV channel launch. Oracle Television is a micro channel that offers programmes for the Mind, Body, Spirit and esoteric genres. You can find out more about it, and watch programmes on everything from psychic readings to magic and mysticism, at

If you fancy visiting the London Mind Body Soul Experience yourself, it is on all weekend at Olympia, London. Day tickets are £12 for adults, £10 for concessions and children (under 16) go free. Many of the workshops, talks, demonstrations and other activities are free, while some are a small extra charge. For more details visit

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