Sunday 13 October 2013

Shopping: Witch Costumes for Halloween?

Witches are the new vampires - or so I keep reading in the news. It seems that this Halloween, long black dresses, lots of silver jewellery and pointy hats make up the costume to wear to look the part.

Now, as a real life witch, I'm in two minds about whether that's actually a good thing or not, but here's a witch costume for salethat I have to admit would look quite good at a fancy dress party even if I wouldn't wear it to a serious pagan Samhain rite. On the other hand, I'd be quite happy wearing that outfit to Witchfest, where dressing up is rather the thing to do.

It  comes in standard adult ladies' size or a plus size and is orderable from Amazon here: Ladies Black Witch Costume Standard Size

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