Friday 15 November 2013

Just The Thing For a Cold Winter's Morning

Waiting at a cold platform on a dark morning at the start of the working day is not my favourite part of winter, I have to say.

What makes it a bit more bearable is a nice hot drink to keep the chill at bay and something to eat if I haven’t had time for breakfast before setting off. But, eyeing up the steaming cups of latte and cakes being sold at the station coffee shop, I’m faced with that familiar to-buy-or-not-to-buy dilemma. Coffee shop breakfasts are lovely, but definitely not great value for hard-earned money.

So, I was really delighted when I got given a gift of an insulated mug with a secure lid, made by the people who produce Nakd bars. The mug means I can make whatever hot drink I want at home and take it with me for the journey rather than trying to gulp it down scalding hot before I leave.

You might remember I reviewed a selection box of Nakd bars earlier this year, and they are jolly scrummy, so I was also delighted to be given a new bar to sample too. It was a one of Natural Balance Foods' new range of Trek protein bars, which come in peanut and oat, mixed berry and cocoa brownie varieties. They are made from natural, healthy stuff, so probably better for you than a bacon roll from the cafe, however tempting the smell of bacon might be.

As the name “Trek” suggests, the protein bars are really aimed at those who want to keep their energy levels up when out hiking, mountain climbing or doing all sorts of other active sporty type things, but I reckon they are also just fine for keeping the energy levels up on a cold winter morning's commute to work.

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