Monday 12 August 2013

Review: Nakd - Rather Scrummy Natural Snack Bars

You see that big box of cookies, cocoa bars and sweet treats in the picture above?  Well, that was the delightful gift I was sent to review last week. Yum!

The brand is called Nakd and is a range of natural bars and other goodies that are made from entirely wholesome ingredients with no added sugars or syrups. The bars are wheat, dairy and gluten free, suitable for vegans and those on raw food diets. Not only are they good for you, they are delicious too.

It wasn't the first time I had tried a Nakd bar. Earlier this year I bought a pack of three cocoa delights at Sainsbury's because I wanted some food to take with me to the Mind Body Spirit Festival and the Pagan Federation London Conference.

From past experience I knew that I get so busy rushing from workshop to talk throughout the day at pagan events that I often don't have time even to queue for a sandwich and a cup of tea at the onsite cafe. I usually pop a bottle of water and snack bar or two in my bag before I set off, because they are easy to carry around. But, while I prefer to eat a natural, healthy bar to one filled with sugar and fat, I also want to eat something that tastes nice. Nakd bars are perfect.

When I got the selection box to review, I decided to share the goodies around to get other opinions. My husband, who is diabetic and so can't eat too much sugar, was really impressed. He said he thought they were more like cake bars than hard biscuits or chocolate and had a really nice texture as well as a rich, chocolatey flavour. In fact, I had to stop him scoffing too many before I got to try them.

The selection box also contained bags of Nakd infused raisins. These are fruity raisins with flavours including lime, cola and cherry. They taste more like chewy sweets than fruit, even though they only contain natural ingredients. And they count towards your five portions of fruit and veg a day.

Last week I was doing some temping work in a newspaper office and I shared the flavoured raisins with my co-workers. Newsroom staff are normally a skeptical bunch, but the comments I got ranged from "much better than I expected" to "very nice". I thought they were very nice too.

My free selection box is nearly finished now, but I am likely to buy myself another some time. You can get some packs at some supermarkets, and you can also order from the entire range online at Natural Balance Foods. You can also find details of special offers to save money.

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