Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Craft Skills: How to Build a Wickerman

Ever wanted to learn how to build a wickerman? I know I have always been fascinated about how they are put together and fancied having a go at creating one myself.  So, after Pat sent me a photo of a burning wickerman he and his coven had built, I asked him how it was done.

He very kindly sent me instructions along with a series of photos showing the step-by-step process.

Pat explained: "Firstly make a slight frame. A few nails and a saw will do this. From then on it's collecting hazel/willow withies, or honeysuckle vine, and bending into the framework to form the basic human shape, then interweaving and tying (garden wire is sufficient), until the full form is created."

The photo at the top shows a completed Wickerman, the rest show various stages in the process.

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Unknown said...

Nice one. I used to do it with a wood frame, and then woven willow - a bit like the old style fish traps on rivers, or the things you grow peas up (no work in progress photos). I did several that were over 12 foot tall, although they need extra propping and you have to stand them up before stuffing them, which creates some interesting challenges. Dramatic, though!

Unknown said...

Nice to know another can and does keep the tradition alive Nimue:)

Viet-Celts GAA said...

Alex Tassel will genuinely love one of these

GM22 said...

my kid was asking me about the wicker man and i knew of the
this is a good way