Tuesday 14 January 2014

Student's Request For Help With Witchcraft Survey

I've just had this request from a student who wants witches to fill out a survey on how witches are accepted in today's society. Here is the message:
Hi I'm Ciara
I've started writing a blog to investigate if witches are accepted in today's society from real people's opinions not the image of witches from literature or films. So far I have sent out a survey and I have got the responses back. 80% of people thought that it was acceptable to be a witch in today's secular society because we are not so hung up on religion and we are more interested in the supernatural and the unknown than scared of it as has been the situation during times such as witch hunts within Europe and America.
Have a look at my blog: acceptanceofwitches.blogspot.com for more information on my investigation and surveys and interviews that I have done.

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