Friday 14 February 2014

Spells: Full Moon Magic for your Heart's Desire

If ever there was a perfect time for magic to bring you your heart's desire it is today. Not only is it Valentine's Day, there is a full moon tonight and it is also a Friday, which is sacred to both Freya and Aphrodite who are goddesses of love.

Here is an easy spell you can do to make the most of that magical energy, which you can also do at any full moon.  All you need is a sheet of white paper, some coloured pens or pencils and a candle.

Cut a circle out of the white paper to represent the full moon. You can do that by tracing around a small plate to get the outline then cutting it out with scissors. Then, write your heart's desire in the centre of the circle. An ideal wish might be something to do with love, but you could also ask for anything else that you truly desire from the bottom of your heart.

Get your coloured pens or pencils and draw a series of heart shapes around the words you have written. As you draw each heart, think of something that can help you gain your wish. When you have finished drawing, put the candle in the middle and light it, then ask the Lady of the Moon to make your wish come true.

It is best if you allow the candle to burn out completely - but don't leave it unattended for safety reasons. Keep your circle of paper afterwards - perhaps putting it on your altar if you have one, on your dressing table or tucked away somewhere safe. If your wish hasn't come true by the next full moon, light another candle and ask again.

You can find more ideas for spells in my book Pagan Portals - Candle Magic: A Witch's Guide to Spells and Rituals.

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