Wednesday 12 March 2014

Review: When Will You Find Love? Astrological Guide

Here's another book I was hoping to review before Valentine's Day, but got a bit behind with my reading. However, seeing as if you are looking for romance the question When Will You Find Love? can be asked at any time of the year, I guess there's no problem in posting this write-up nearly a month after February 14

The book's full title is: When Will You Find Love?: Your astrological guide to when, where and who you'll love.and it looks at how the stars influence the kind of people we are attracted to as well as what the stars might have in store for us.

The author, astrologer Orli Lysen, says in the introduction: "This book aims to show you not only when you’ll meet your true love, but also where you’re likely to meet him or her, as well as what he or she will be like, so you’ll recognize your partner-to-be as soon as your paths cross."

When Will You Find Love is nicely written and easy to read, offering a simple, six-step solution to finding your ideal partner. It doesn't just look at sun signs, but also has chapters covering how, "loving Venus, passionate Mars and lucky planet Jupiter’s influence will improve your chances of finding true love too." Here is how the book's six steps are designed to work:

  1. Read the chapter on your Sun sign to find out about your love style and WHERE you’re most likely to meet the love of your life.
  2. Check the Venus lists to find your Venus sign and discover WHO your Venus sign says is most suitable for you.
  3. Check whether you’re in a strong Venus cycle.
  4. Find out when Jupiter is making you lucky in love.
  5. Check the dates when Venus and Mars are together in your Sun sign, your Romance sign, your Relationship sign and your Venus sign.
  6. Use the book to help you put it all together to find out WHEN you’ll find true love.

As publisher Dodona Books says in its press release:, "If you've always gone for the same kind of lover, met them in the same kind of place and ended up with the same kind of heartache, now's your chance to try a different approach to finding love that lasts. This isn't just a compatibility guide, it's so much more. You're given all the tools you need and a checklist to be in the right place at the right time to meet Mr or Ms Right. It's the 'finding love' equivalent of a slimming book that tells you how to lose weight without dieting or working out. And it works."

I'm not personally looking for love - I'm still very much in love with the man I married 10 years ago - but if I was single, I think I'd give this book a try to find the person of my dreams.

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