Wednesday 16 April 2014

Magic School: Wiccan Apprentice - Experiential Training

Wiccan High Priest Mani Navasothy is running a six-session Wiccan Apprentice Experiential Training Course in London starting this month and running until June.

The course description says:
If you are interested in learning all aspects of Wicca in an experiential way over a period of 3 months, in a woodland setting, under the expertise and guidance of a Wiccan High Priest with almost 2 decades of Craft and Coven experience - this is the training for you! You will learn the foundations of Wicca, its principles and laws. Topics covered include altars, consecrations, circle casting, elemental quarters and energy raising in a circle, invoking the Horned God and Triple Moon Goddess. You will also learn about doing Rune and cord magic and crafting essential Wiccan tools such as the wand and pentacle.
The course takes place outdoor at a woodland venue in North London. The woodland has a cafe, toilet and car park, and is only 5 minutes walk from the nearest Tube station. Core sessions are usually 1pm to 4pm on a Sunday. Workshops are usually 1pm to 5pm on a Saturday. After sessions 2, apprentices can join Mani's monthly Wicca Ritual Circle, which will be in the same vicinity.

All training materials and notes are provided, all apprentices need to bring are something to sit on, such as a folding stool or chair if sitting on the ground is difficult for you. Depending on weather, you may wish to bring warm, rain-proof clothing. A flask of hot drink and snack food for yourself is also a good idea.

The cost if you book all six sessions in advance online is £97. For more details, including booking information is at

Mani is the author of Coven Guide: Become an Initiated Witch.

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