Wednesday 11 June 2014

Scotland Holiday: The Barnhouse Neolithic Buildings

Orkney was the place to live back in the Neolithic times if archaeological evidence at The Barnhouse Village is anything to go by. At least one of the buildings at The Barnhouse actually had roof tiles and the walls were decorated with paint - rare luxuries in the Stone Age. The climate was pretty nice there then too and the inhabitants would only have had to spend a couple of days a week collecting enough food to eat - leaving plenty of free time for other activities.

It is thought that the buildings may have had ceremonial purposes as well as possibly being lived in, because there are fire places in some of the doorways. These may have been used for purification purposes. That is speculation of course because none of the people left written records. Oh for a time machine to find out what really happened there :)

The Barnhouse is about 150 metres north of the Standing Stones of Stenness, on the bank of the beautiful Harray loch

You can read more about The Barnhouse by clicking on the links below the bottom photo.

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