Wednesday 11 June 2014

Scotland Holiday: The Standing Stones of Stenness

As promised, more photos from my holiday in Orkney. These show the Stones of Stenness, which are just down the road from the Ring of Brodgar.

The massive megaliths at Stenness - which means "headland" in Old Norse - are all that remains of a stone circle on the banks of the Loch of Stennes and Loch of Harray. Radio-carbon dating shows that the site was constructed as long ago as 3100BC, possibly earlier, making it one of the earliest stone circles in Britain.

Right next to the Stones of Stenness is a collection of Neolithic buildings called the Barnhouse Settlement, which is still being excavated by archaeologists. The whole site seems to be have been used for ceremonial purposes as well as by people living there and is really impressive as well as being in a beautiful location.

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