Sunday 8 June 2014

Scotland Holiday: Sleeper Trains on the Way to Orkney

I'm now on holiday and here is where I stayed on my way up to Orkney. I spent the night on a sleeper train with a difference - a wonderful collection of vintage railway carriages and coaches that have been fitted out as a hostel, nestling in a beautiful Scottish Highlands valley next to a real railway station.

Called Sleeperzzz, the hostel lets you; "Stay on a first class train in the scenic Scottish Highland village of Rogart," at budget prices. The carriages offers a mixture of regular beds and bunk beds, galley kitchens and atmospheric places to sit and enjoy the views late into the evening.

Although I was only there for one night, I'd happily spend more time there as the area has lots of lovely countryside to explore while the village has a great pub.

I'm now in Orkney, where I will be fulfilling a new year resolution I made - to visit at least three ancient pagan sites in Scotland.  And I'll be blogging more about that over the week ahead.

To find out more about Sleeperzzz, here's the website:

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