Friday 20 June 2014

Summer - and Winter - Solstice 2014 in the News

Here are some news stories from around the world in the run-up to the Summer Solstice 2014, which in Australia is actually the Winter Solstice:

"Summer Solstice 2014: How and Where to Celebrate the Longest Day of the Year" on the International Business Times website:

"Summer Solstice 2014: Stonehenge Druid Explains Traditions and History of Pagan Event" - another story on the International Business Times website:

"Wirral's Pagan community to celebrate summer solstice this weekend" on WirralGlobe:

"Worcester couple carves out offbeat lifestyle" on the Burlington Free Press website:

"Summer solstice: How the Stonehenge battles faded" on BBC News England:

"Australian witches celebrate Winter Solstice" on ABC News:

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