Saturday 30 August 2014

Naming the Goddess on Introductory E-Book Offer

One of this year's most exciting books to be published - called Naming the Goddess- is due to reach shop shelves this month, but I have just been told by the editor, Trevor Green, that the e-book is on a special, really low pre-order offer on Amazon for just a few weeks. So, if you don't mind reading books in Kindle format, now is your best chance to not only get an early copy of Naming the Goddess, but also get it at a extremely bargain price.

As I have mentioned before on my blog, I have a vested interest in Naming the Goddess, because I wrote an entry in it - about the goddess Eris. Nevertheless I really do think it is one of those books that every pagan and goddess worshipper should read.

Naming the Goddess is a collaborative project written by more than 80 scholars and followers of goddess spirituality. It includes contributions from Selena Fox, Kathy Jones, Caroline Wise and Rachel Patterson as well as myself. The first part of the book is a series of critical essays focusing on contemporary goddess issues. The second part is a gazetteer of goddesses.

The publisher, Moon Books, recently also published Witchcraft Today - 60 Years On and in the past brought out Paganism 101, in which I wrote a small section.

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