Saturday 30 August 2014

Psychogeography Reference Material

Today I am giving a talk entitled Psychogeography: Pathways into the Visionary City at the Pagan Federation London Conference in Leytonstone. Here is a brief list of reference material I used when researching my talk:

Ackroyd, Peter: Hawksmoor
Coverley, Merlin: Psychogeography
Defoe, Daniel: A Journal of the Plague Year
Gros, Frédéric: A Philosophy of Walking
Kingham, Robert and Cochrane, Rich: The Thin Veil of London
Machen, Arthur: The Great God Pan and The Hill of Dreams, The London Adventure of The Art of Wandering
Rogers, John: This Other London - Adventures in the Overlooked City
Self, Will: Psychogeography
Sinclair, Iain: Lud Heat: A Book of the Dead HamletsLondon Orbital
Street, Chris: London's Leylines - Pathways of Enlightenment
Smith, Phil: On Walking - A Psychogeographical Journey

Web links
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Curio City London Unfolded
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