Friday 8 August 2014

Pagan Eye: A Pair of Hedgehogs

I'm rather jealous of my friend Chris Boote, who has this pair of hedgehogs living in his west London garden. Although I used to frequently see hedgehogs in my garden in south London when I was a child, I haven't spotted one for years.

Considering hedgehogs do an excellent job of getting rid of slugs, I really wish one would come and visit me.

According to superstition, seeing a hedgehog walking towards you is supposed to be good luck, unless it comes into your home, in which case it is supposed to indicate bad fortune. Mind you, as hedgehogs are notoriously flea-ridden, I suspect it could be unpleasant to find a spiny little fellow curled up on the soft furnishings.

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Photo copyright Chris Boote

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petoskystone said...

Such an adorable pair!