Monday 20 October 2014

Looking for Work While the Sun's Zooming In...

When you are a freelance worker, it is either feast or famine. Don’t get me wrong – I love the flexibility and variety of freelance work, but when a few weeks go by and I haven’t earned any money I begin to start looking for other jobs to do.

For several years now I’ve been a freelance writer, copy-editor and proofreader. Summer is the busiest time as that’s when publishing companies need cover for staff holidays. Autumn is often quiet – and this year is no exception.

So, when someone sent me a link to a new job site I had a good browse. The site’s name particularly appealed to me – City Calling. It reminded me of a favourite song from my youth – London Calling by The Clash. Of course, we don’t quite live in the post-apocalyptic world of the punk anthem, in which the ice age is coming or war declared, but then City Calling is more about how to find a suitable job than advice on “zombies of death”.

I’m not really looking for a full-time, permanent role - just some temporary work or a part-time job that I could fit around my writing. City Calling gave me a few good ideas. I was quite tempted by a dog sitting agency advertising for animal lovers to walk people’s pooches while they are away from home. Christmas temporary work in a bookshop seemed appealing too.

But then I saw an advert that made me, in the words of that punk song, quit holding out and draw another breath - it seems a tourist attraction in London is currently recruiting for zombies...

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