Wednesday 19 November 2014

Magic School: Aphrodite's Magic Distance Course 2015

This January, Jane Meredith is running a distance learning course for her wonderful workshop series Aphrodite's Magic. Here are the full details of the course:
Aphrodite’s Magic is a magical spell to celebrate and heal your sexuality. The spell is woven of seven strands; The Goddess, The Eye of Beauty, Voice of Truth, Opening the Heart, Body, The Red Womb, Inner Mysteries and each strand includes ritual work, personal and sometimes pair or group processes, journaling and whatever personal, creative or researching you want to add.

• Enter a Temple of Aphrodite, ancient Goddess of Love and Beauty
• Create a Magical Girdle dedicated to your sexuality
• Heal past wounds of abuse, broken hearts and a lack of self-love
• Be inspired to live your beauty, truth and power as a woman
There’s more about the workshop at:
The distance course will use the book Aphrodite's Magic: Celebrate and Heal Your Sexualityas course material.

The way the course is structured is that beginning in January 2015 the group will begin on the First Strand of Aphrodite’s Magic, and every four weeks  will move onto the next Strand. There will be eight Conference Calls, one for each Strand and a final one after the Aphrodite’s Girdle is completed.

Between every conference call every participant will have the opportunity for a one-to-one Skype call with Jane Meredith. There will be a secret Facebook group where those on the course can share comments, questions and photos.

The times of the conference calls will be decided by the locations/time zones of those who have registered for the course by January 7, 2015. All the calls will be recorded and sent to participants who miss the live calls.

The price for the course, in Australian dollars (as that is where Jane Meredith is based) is:
Waged - $300.00
Partially waged - $275.00
Unwaged - $250.00

To contact Jane Meredith, email:

I read and reviewed the book Aphrodite's Magic a few years ago and thought it was wonderful. You can read my review here:

A year later, I went on a one-day Aphrodite's Magic workshop with Jane, and found it extremely powerful and thought-provoking. You can read my write-up of that event here:

For any woman who wants to use magic to celebrate and/or heal their sexuality, I think this distance learning opportunity would be fantastic.

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