Tuesday 23 December 2014

Healing with Sandra Ingerman's Shamanic Meditations

Last Christmas I was given a CD of Shamanic Meditations: Guided Journeys for Insight, Vision, and Healing.One of my new year resolutions for 2104 was to listen to the meditations and hopefully gain more of an experience of shamanic practices.

I did quite well with my resolution in the spring and listened to the first in the two-CD set. That includes an introduction and explanation of what shamanism is, followed by three guided journeys. They are:
  • Welcoming in the spirits
  • Journey to the Lower World to meet a guardian spirit
  • Journey to the Upper World to meet a teacher in human form.
What I particularly liked about them was that Sandra demonstrates the use of various different musical instruments used by shamans to enter a state of awareness suitable for journeying. I'd only ever used a drum before so it was good to experience other sounds.

However, as is so often the case with new year resolutions, I came to a bit of a halt. Life got busy and it was only a week or so ago - when I was looking for some Yuletide music - that I rediscovered my Shamanic Meditations CD.  Nevertheless, there was still time to finish the work before the end of the year and I put an afternoon aside to do just that.

The second CD includes more information about shamanic practices and the following journeys:
  • Journey to the Middle World: Releasing into the earth
  • Shamanic Initiation into oneness
  • Observing the world through spirit eyes
  • Grounding exercise with a tree
The CD ends with a lovely series of blessings.

Spending an afternoon meditating, journeying and doing healing visualisations is the perfect antidote to all the stresses of Yuletide - so maybe I did the second part of the course at just the right time after all. I would say that I don't think any guided journeys on CD can give you the same experience as learning from a real teacher, but they are a good introduction and worth doing as part of personal self-development.

I also noticed on Amazon that you can get Sandra Ingerman’s Shamanic Meditations as an unabridged audio downloadat a lower price than the CD - and obviously much more quickly than waiting for it in the post.

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