Wednesday 24 December 2014

Question: What's Your Faviourite Yuletide Movie?

Although the Winter Solstice is now behind us, the seasonal holidays are ahead and plenty of time to settle in front of the telly with a mince pie, some mulled wine or hot chocolate and a good festive film. My favourite Yuletide movie with a pagan theme is the classic Disney cartoon Bambi.

But what are your favourite films with a pagan theme to watch over the winter bank holiday break?

Please leave a comment below to share your tips for winter holiday watching.


Anonymous said...

I like the movie of The Hogfather. as a pagan movie to watch in the midwinter holiday.

Anonymous said...

Rare Exports, featuring the Krampus

Herbqueen51 said...

Scrooge and Home Alone, Love actually and The Holiday and tons more :)