Thursday 15 January 2015

News: Pagan Temple, Wicca, Magic, Superstitions

Here's a round-up of some news stories that caught my eye over the past week:

"Construction of a pagan temple to begin in Reykjavík next month" - Story at Iceland Magazine:

"Wicca lecture at museum" - An illustrated lecture on the founding father of modern Wicca, Gerald Gardner, will be held at the Manx Museum on Friday, January 30, at 7.30pm. Full details at IoM Today:

"Robin R. Bennett on 'Healing Magic A Green Witch Guidebook to Conscious Living'" - Author interview at The Examiner:

"Facebook group against superstition in Thailand stirs debate" - Story at The Straits Times Asia:

"Kwale witch doctors try to resurrect man who died in October 2013" - Story at The Star -

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