Saturday 20 June 2015

News: Etsy Spell Ban, Tarot, Satanism, Solstice, More...

"Etsy Bans Sale of Spells, Irks Witches, Pagans" - story at newser:

"Publication of newly-discovered Austin Osman Spare tarot deck" - story at boingboing:

"Breaking news about the Satanic Temple unveiling Baphomet statue in Detroit" - story at

"Pagan Remains Being Excavated In The Westfjords" - story at Grapevine:

"Druid school in Castlerea granted charitable tax-exemption status" - story at The Irish Times:

"Toil and trouble: the myth of the witch is no myth at all" - story at The Conversation:

"Summer solstice 2015: What to do on the longest day of the year?" - story at Manchester Evening News:

"Summer Solstice Quotes 2015: 18 Sayings To Share On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter" - story at International Business Times:

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