Saturday 13 June 2015

News: Health, Vikings, Occult, History, Witchcraft,

"Studies Reveal "Smudging" Eliminates Dangerous Bacteria in the Air" - story at EWAO:

"This ancient liquor popular among Vikings may be the answer to antibiotic resistance" - story at Business Insider UK:

"W.B Yeats’s obsession with the occult celebrated with a major new exhibition" - story at Irish News:

"There's a secret society of journalists who try to sneak a certain phrase into their stories" - story about the Order of the Occult Hand at Business Insider UK:

"Prevention of Witch Hunt Cannot Remain on Paper" - story at The New Indian Express:

"How Satan went viral: Interactive map shows where the Salem witch trials spread - and pinpoints the source of hysteria to a local reverend" - story at Mailonline:

The picture at the top shows three sage sticks for smudgingwhich can be ordered via Amazon.

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