Thursday 16 July 2015

How-To: DOLLY's crystal cleansing for love and money

Matt Galea, a writer for an Australian teen magazine DOLLY, sent me this video on how to cleanse crystals.

Matt said: "As a practicing witch, I contribute a lot of stories to the mag about Wicca across all of our platforms with a monthly section called ‘DOLLY Destiny’, weekly magic-related Instagram posts and how-to videos on our YouTube channel."

The video is aimed at those in their young teens, but has some pretty sound advice on the basics of cleansing crystals. I would add one thing to the lesson though - if you are going to wash your crystal in water to cleanse it, make sure it isn't going to dissolve in water first!

If you like the video and want more similar magical tips, you can subscribe to the channel here:

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