Saturday 1 August 2015

News: Burning Times, Witchcraft, Aliens, Pagans

"Monk admits telling lesbian witches: 'We used to burn people like you'" - story at The Telegraph:

"Life-threatening witchcraft accusations still a grim reality for women worldwide" - story at Daily Buzz:

"Rights groups laud Witchcraft Act" - story at eKantipur:

"2,000-Year-Old Strange 'Alien' Skeleton Unearthed in Russia!" - story at Latinos Post:

"In Memorium: Deborah Ann Light — Conservationist, Feminist, Pagan Priestess" - story at East End Beacon:

"GP Taylor: Tempted to pin my hopes on paganism" - story at The Yorkshire Post:

"Shadow of the Horns: An interview with Lucifer" - interview with an occult rock musician at treble:

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