Sunday 18 October 2015

Music Video: Bad Bad Witch

I love this new music video called Bad, Bad Witch, created by a very talented young woman.

Mima Good has a  pop performance artist persona of semi-fictional resurrected Salem witch. Her music video for her first single, Bad Bad Witch, came out on Friday.

Mima emailed me the link and said: "The video stars my grandmother and little cousin. It's all about the legacy and solidarity of subversive women between generations through the reclaimed symbol of the witch. I am trying to reach as many people as possible, particularly younger girls, with the message that its OK to be "too much" and not fit inside the box of femininity that society expects of us."

She added: "Given the name of your blog, I couldn't help but imagine how fitting it would be to reach out to you!"

Yes, I'm delighted to share it. Enjoy!


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