Thursday 22 October 2015

Witchcraft Shop For Sale in Romford

Witchcraft shop Cobwebs and Cauldrons, in Romford, is up for sale.

Manager Rain said: "After eight wonderful years of owning Cobwebs and Cauldrons it is time for me to find pastures new."

The shop is in the heart of Romford, which is a large town large town in north east London on the borders with Essex. The shop has a great location in Market Place.

Rain said: "There has been a witchcraft shop here for about 22 years and it is well known locally and within the Pagan community. The shopping halls back entrance is on Ducking Stool Court.

"Stock, fittings, customers base, wholesalers etc are all in with the price. This shop is in a shopping hall that uses licence agreements so there is no lease to be tied to. Short notice period only required. There is rent and a small electricity bill both paid weekly. No other charges (i.e. no separate rates to pay)"

To find out more, call 07786 328 908, email: or pop into the shop at Unit 137, Romford Shopping Hall, 43 Market Place, Romford, RM1 3AB


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