Friday 23 October 2015

Review: Journey Back to the Great Before – Zaro Weil

Witch and Ridge Radio DJ Rebecca Bird has written this review of a pagan children's book called Journey Back to the Great Beforeby Zaro Weil:

This magical tale is told through the first person throughout, but what is interesting is that the first person changes constantly throughout, so we see the story through the eyes and words of all the main characters. This can occasionally be a little confusing as it is not always clear who is currently speaking, so a chapter title that clarifies this better would perhaps be of benefit.

I found that as I read, I wanted more and more to be a member of the Jolicoing family, experiencing the magic of communication with animals.

The story itself unfolds naturally and effortlessly, and it is easy to empathise with the situations and characters. Joy, fun, excitement and worry are all approached well, and a real sense of involvement is achieved. Although set, for the most part, in the South of France, many different accents of the animals are written out literally, which can make for difficult reading at times, but gives an understanding of the personality that the writer is conveying.

All in all this is an enjoyable book, and ideal for a parent to read to a younger child, or for an older child to read alone. Anyone who has a yearning to be ‘Dr. Doolittle’ will thoroughly enjoy this story!

Journey Back to the Great Before is being promoted by Girl and Cat publishing

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