Wednesday 11 November 2015

Charity Sop Find: Elephant and Crystal Ball

An elephant holding a large crystal ball is pretty bonkers, isn't it?  Mind you, when I saw one in a charity shop for a fiver, I had to buy it. Five quid for a crystal ball is pretty cheap, even if the ball is glass rather than a natural stone.

My first thought was to simply remove the crystal ball from the elephant - which is made of resin - but I might not. The elephant is something of a totem animal for my coven. We always have a small elephant figurine on covenstead altar - for obscure and oath-bound reasons of tradition - and now I have one of my own.

I'm not sure how good a crystal ball attached to an elephant will be for scrying, but I intend to find out soon.

But what do you think? Keep the ornament as it is, or prise the ball away from the elephant?

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Hexe said...

What a fantastic find. I too have found some interesting items at our thrift/charity shops. Last week it was an owl container, perfect for holding spell candles or incense.

Badwitch said...

Your owl container sounds lovely.