Wednesday 17 July 2013

Psychic Techniques: Scrying and Clairvoyant Readings

Clairvoyant reading is one of the most difficult psychic talents to master, although a traditional witch would certainly have been expected to possess the gift of second sight. Using a crystal ball, scrying bowl or simply closing her eyes and tuning in to the unseen realm of the spirits, the wise woman of old would have been able to help people find what they were looking for, including lost objects, missing cats or even errant husbands.

Nowadays, people are more likely to visit a psychic medium than a witch when they want a clairvoyant reading, but I think it is still a skill anyone training in the craft should try to master. Clairvoyance is the power to see events, people, places or objects that could not be perceived by normal senses. Technically, it is different from clairaudience, which is hearing sounds by psychic means, clairsentience, which is gaining insights from touching people or objects, and mind reading, which is the ability to pick up others’ thoughts.

Whenever I have done clairvoyant readings I usually see images in the form of symbols that needed to be interpreted to make sense. The easiest way to start is by scrying into a bowl of water. To do this, fill a dark-coloured bowl with water then sit in a room that is dimly lit either by moonlight or with the curtains closed and a single candle. Take a few deep breaths to calm yourself and concentrate on the question you wish answered. Then, peer into the bowl of water with your eyes half closed and see if any shapes or images appear. You might need to wait some time for anything to happen – at least at first. When you are finished, jot down everything from the reading in a notebook.

You might then need to work out what the images mean, as they are often dim shapes rather than photographic-quality pictures. You can use books on dream interpretation or tea-leaf reading to help as the images seen in clairvoyant readings work in a similar way to those other forms of psychic divination.

If there is an important issue you want to gain insight into, such as about your career or love life, it can be helpful to get an independent person to do a reading for you. Back in the past, that probably meant a visit to the village wise woman, but these days people are more likely to go online to find a clairvoyant reader. Here are some tips if you fancy trying that out.

Make sure you pick a psychic readings website that has a good reputation. Before going ahead, read through all the information on the website to make sure you understand what’s involved – in particular the costs and the various ways of paying. On many of these websites you can pick the specific psychic you want to contact, so take time choosing the person you want to do your reading. Before phoning or clicking on the button, think carefully about the question you want to ask. If possible, write it down. This will save you time and money on your call.

Whether you do your own reading or get a reading done for you, think carefully about the answers you get before planning for the future.

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