Monday 9 November 2015

Review: The Madness and the Magic

I rarely review fiction on my blog. It isn't that I dislike fiction, it is just that I'm fussy. And, let's face it, there's a lot of bad fiction out there.

The reason I'm making an exception and reviewing a fiction title - The Madness and the Magic- on my blog today is that really enjoyed it. It made me laugh, brought a tear to my eye and did all the things a good book is meant to do. I also enjoyed it because it is about a witch I couldn't help but identify with just a little bit - the menopausal Minerva who gets up to all sorts of antics in her search for fun, romance and magic.

The book is set in the modern day, but with a hint of the supernatural - but I'd stop reading this review here if you don't like spoilers.

This is how publisher Moon Books sums up The Madness and the Magic:
Minerva is a witch on a mission to beat the dreaded menopause disease while teenage daughter Rhiannon faces up to the trials of an unexpected pregnancy. The story undulates between Minerva's ridiculous antics to snare the local guitar-playing vicar (with tarot cards for guidance and brandy for confidence) and Rhiannon's emotional turmoil. A horse-riding accident and many crazy spells later throw mother and daughter into both a tragic and comical cauldron of change. How much difference will it make? And as one thing leads to another and madness threatens to engulf their small world...will magic save the day? Enter the almost familiar world of contemporary magical realism written by an author with first-hand experience of modern witchcraft. This book is alive with laughter, magical possibility and the challenges and realities of life.
The author is Sheena Cundy - herself a witch, wife, mother, musician and teacher. She sings and writes songs for  pagan band Morrigans Path and is the creator of the lovely Magic of Nature Oracle.

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