Saturday 26 December 2015

Wiccan Elder Jean Williams has Passed On

Late last night I heard the news that a wonderful Wiccan elder, Jean Williams, had died. This morning the news was spreading through pagan groups so I hope it is OK to write a short obituary here.

Jean Williams and her husband Zach Cox were initiated as Wiccans in the 1960s. Jean became the High Priestess of Gerald Gardner’s coven in the mid-1970s. I met her on a few occasions and found her to be absolutely lovely as well as extremely knowledgeable about the Craft.

Only this summer, I went to the launch of Jean and Zach's book The Play Goes On: The Rituals of Rainbow Bridgeat Treadwell's in London. The photograph on the left shows her signing her book at the event. You can read my write-up of the event here:

An interview with Jean Williams appeared in Wiccan Rede in 2014:

Jean will be very much missed.

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