Wednesday 27 January 2016

Begin a Journey to Improve your Body, Mind & Spirit

Here is an article sent to me by freelance writer Helen Young about personal development through mind, body and spirit:

It is strange how little our society cares for the health of our body, mind, and spirit. In a time when we need to focus on this trio more than ever, we have a society that is more energised to promote global economies and rush us into the future than making sure our spirits are pure, our minds clear, and our bodies in good health.

Even though it should be a priority, these things aren’t even mentioned. We’re all here for a limited amount of time - shouldn’t we work hard to make this journey joyous and complete for all of us? Perhaps if we could all live in the woods, we’d recapture that magic sooner. Alas, for too many people there are unavoidable logistical issues to think about - bills to pay, cars to run, and mouths to food.

This article is directed at people who know they need to improve their body, mind, and spirit, but who also feel entrenched, for the time being at least, in a way of life from which they cannot escape. For those people, here are a list of some actions that will set you on the right path.

When we’re less than happy with our lives, it’s easy to focus solely on the negative aspects in our day-to-day routines. However, take a step back and you’ll find that there’s much to be grateful about. If you have shelter, food, and the other essentials of life in your world, then you’re set up to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve. The rest is all willpower! If you’re determined to improve your well being, then you can. The first step is taking a step back and acknowledging all the good things you have. If you’re going to undertake a journey, it’s right to do it on a positive note. Show gratitude and move forward.

Your soul needs to be clear of agony, doesn’t it? Though it can be difficult, you need to let go of the anger and sorrow that can plague our days and which tear our soul to pieces. This step isn’t always easy. In some cases, it can be showing forgiveness towards a person who you vowed never to forgive. However, in the end, who does your anger really hurt? The person or people who have hurt you are living a spiritually impure lives, and that’s the worst punishment they’ll ever face. Move on and, again, move forward.

Get in Touch with your Primal Being
Our spirits and bodies are in lock-down mode for the majority of our lives. When we go to work, step on a train, or lock ourselves in our automobiles, then we’re entrapping ourselves in a way of being that comes loaded with rules, rules that hurt us spiritually. In my view, nobody has ever gone to the woods and come back feeling worse. Have you ever wanted to sleep among the trees and howl at the moon? I’ll bet you have. It’s a re-connection with nature that we just don’t have any more. Spend a few days under a billion stars and everything will become more clear. And I’m serious about the howling too - you’re a magnificent creature and there’s no reason for you to be silent.

Treat your Body as it Should be Treated
Your body is a temple, a force of nature that even the best scientists cannot understand. There’s so much more to us than we currently know. Until we gain that enlightenment, we have to treat our bodies as they deserve to treated. Who knows what damage the crazy chemicals of fast-food and microwave meals is doing to us? Our ancestors' food didn’t grow in a lab, and they were much more spiritually enlightened that we are. Focus on the gifts of the earth, such as fruits and vegetables, and be wary of poisoning your body with food that the animals, with their heightened sense and atunement to their needs, know not to eat. Once you’re eating well, stretch and give thanks to the day. Your body and mind will feel alive.

We’re a long way off being at our spiritual best, but we’re on the right track. By adopting these methods you can start your journey to being the best you can be.


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