Tuesday 26 January 2016

News: Witchcraft, History, Salem, Time, Climate Change

"Gather Your Coven, This Witchy Film Series is Required Attendance" - news about cultural events and a movie with a witchy theme at Bedford+Bowery: http://bedfordandbowery.com/2016/01/gather-your-coven-this-witchy-film-series-is-required-attendance/

"Book linked to Salem's witch history set for auction block" - story at The Salem News: http://www.salemnews.com/news/local_news/book-linked-to-salem-s-witch-history-set-for-auction/article_1be18717-fa5b-5844-b295-bc92c6d296ed.html

"Henges, pyramids and the Celtic cross helped ancient mariners sail the world" - A look at Crichton EM Miller's book The Golden Thread of Timein The Scotsman: http://www.scotsman.com/lifestyle/henges-pyramids-and-the-celtic-cross-helped-ancient-mariners-sail-the-world-1-466105

"Two irrational responses to climate change: Witch hunts and denial" - a look at history by Cynthia Barnett, the author of Rain: A Natural and Cultural History,at Los Angeles Times: http://www.latimes.com/opinion/op-ed/la-oe-0124-barnett-king-james-little-ice-age-20160124-story.html

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