Monday 1 February 2016

Candle Magic: Brigid's Flame & Snowdrops for Imbolc

This morning for Imbolc I lit a candle that had previously been lit from a sacred flame passed on hand-to-hand from one lit at Brigid's Flame in Kildare, Ireland.

In Kildare there is ancient fire temple where a perpetual flame for Brigid was once kept alight. Brigid is honoured as both a Goddess by pagans and as a Christian saint - her name is sometimes spelled Brigit or Brighid. Although the original flame was historically extinguished, it was symbolically relit in 1993. A small fire is often kindled at the site of the fire temple for a ritual on Brigid’s feast day on February 1. Candles lit from that flame have been passed on, lighting other candles in turn as a shared light from the same source.

I was given this little Brigid's Flame candle by a druid friend, Ricky, last week. I placed it in one of the holders I made a couple of weeks ago. I honoured this day by lighting it in my garden where snowdrops are just starting to emerge. For pagans, Imbolc is the festival of the first stirrings of spring - and snowdrops are among the first flowers to bloom. Brigid is seen as a goddess of the springtime and of healing, poetry and the fires of the smith's forge and creativity.

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