Sunday 28 February 2016

The Strange Dolls and Magical Worlds of Claudia Six

I've always been fascinated by dolls, particularly dolls that seem strange or magical, so I was delighted to get an email from designer Claudia Six who creates creatures inspired by folklore using textiles and other materials.

Claudia said: "I stumbled upon your blog because you featured Anthropmorphica's stunning work. I spent some time reading the articles on your blog and I found your article about spirit attachment and Jayne Harris - the funny thing is that I booked her online course about spirit attachment. She is such a nice and interesting person. I thought I would get in touch with you because your blog feels likeminded. I also love Brian Froud. I mean, who doesn't? But he was actually THE ONE reason why I started making dolls and creatures."

Visiting Claudia's website, I was absolutely enchanted by what I saw - you can see pictures of some of her work on this page.

On the website, she says:
I was raised in a very small Austrian town that is surrounded by mountains and forests. Being the only child in the neighbourhood, I soon discovered my deep connection with strange things. Be it the spooky old cat-lady next door, baby frogs in the forest, invisible pigs in the cellar, and much more, I found myself bonding with entities and fantasies.

During art school, where I studied silkscreen printing and textile design, I discovered that many strange creatures live in my imagination. And since then, my first aim has been to get these creatures out of my head and into real life. I do this through sculptures, performances, installations and drawings.

TheVolk is the name of my Creature Creations. Inspired by old names and stories about the Huldufólk, the hidden ones, the others and all mythical creatures living their lives right next to us. If you look closely you will recognize that they are not so different from us after all.
Claudia's website starts with a short movie about transformation, forests and masks. Underneath that is a button that brings you to details about her work and projects. You can find it here:

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