Friday 11 March 2016

Egg-Shaped Candles Make Great Ostara Gifts

Whether you celebrate the Pagan festival of Ostara at the Spring Equinox on March 20 or Easter on March 27 - or both, of course - eggs are traditional gifts to give to friends and family.  They symbolise new life, rebirth and the mysteries of creation in cultures and religions all over the world.

In days gone by people would often give each other painted hens eggs as springtime gifts, but of course these days the shops are always full of chocolate eggs. As I child I was happy to stuff my face with chocolate until I felt sick, but as an adult a huge, fatty, sugary sweet isn't quite so welcome. Don't get me wrong - I like chocolate - but I prefer to be given gifts that aren't quite so fattening.

I think a great gift for an adult at Ostara or Easter is an egg-shaped candle - there are quite a lot of different designs around. The one in the photo above comes in a set of six. There is a choice of white or yellow colour for the body of the candle and the design is a catkin - also a symbol of the springtime. The set can be ordered via Amazon.

You could also get children involved in a craft project to decorate plain egg-shaped candles. The design an egg candle kitshown in the picture to the left can also be ordered from Amazon. It comes with 10 plain egg-shaped candles and five liquid wax pens that you can use to draw designs straight onto the wax.

If you want to get really crafty, you could even make your own egg-shaped candles. You can get kits that contain of a mould, wicks, instructions and everything else you need except the wax, which is also easy to order at the same time. You can find a link to one example here: Spinnrad Mold Candle Egg.

As a witch and a pagan, I think egg-shaped candles are perfect to use for springtime candle magic. Light the candle and think about what plans you want to hatch, what creative projects you want to start and what else you hope will come into being this spring and grow throughout the year ahead.

If you are celebrating a Spring Equinox rite with a group of friends, you could get the egg candle decorating kit, give a candle to everyone present to write their wishes on and also draw pictures of flowers and chicks to symbolise life returning to the world. When the paint has dried, light the candles together, put them in the centre of your circle and dance around them, full of the joys of spring.

My book Pagan Portals - Candle Magichas lots of other ideas for candle spells and seasonal rituals and is aimed at those wanting to learn the various ways of creating magic with candles. You can order the book via Amazon.

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